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And so, after calculating the game apps I'd like to buy and try, the amount I'd need to pay for all of them adds up to $208.91!

...eheh, hehehhahaHYAHA, nope. Nothing like a bit of number-crunching to give a sense of perspective. The most expensive ones are either 3d intensive (Iesabel) or something new, yet abstract. (Hundreds & Papa Sangre, an adventure game you play using only sound) My assumption to why? It's a risk because their concepts have not been seen yet, so they try to sell as high as possible to the few people who will buy, or they stand by the quality of their product, and thus do not reduce the price. I'll assume the latter, because the sense of nobility upsets me less.

What a person keeps on their device tells alot about them. So have a peak at your friend's, and then judge them. Harshly.

I have too many fantasy-based apps. :x
Trying to find the website of an artist from a game you liked is a good way to pass time.

A Google search was all it took to find Hirooka Masaki, the artist responsible for those awesome character portraits from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia., Metal Max 3, and I suspect he's also the one who made the portraits for the new Kid Icarus game.
It would be embarassing just to flat out say, "Ah laks da wai he drawz whimanz!" It was the new portraits of Castlevania: OoE that made me want to see more; that combination of Baroque style painting (I'm not even sure if that's the influence :/) with Japanese design is eye-catching to me.

This one's obscure. I've been looking for this person's art for years since Okage: Shadow King came out. I've forgotten the circumstances on how I found them, but it was only last year that "pon" started posting art online:
Some of the concept environments are the same images that came with the Okage: Shadow King fan package that was from the official website. The stylized character proportions for some of the more bizarre character designs also give it away. They're fun to look at and give interesting silhouettes.

This last one... I haven't found yet. It's for Touch Detective, an adventure game about a girl trying to become a detective by solving the mysteries that almost always happen to befall the SAME classmate. (available for free on the iPhone app store) The spooky adorable aesthetic matches the quirkiness of the game. Looking at the credits, it's either Naoki Hamada or Izumi Kanaya, but I don't know how to spell that in Japanese and searching for the Japanese name of the game has brought me no other leads.

Being ignorant of other languages is a huge disadvantage I should quell before I die...
The list below has been modified to be used as Character Names in Fantasy RPG's. Can you guess the original context?

1. Ulkogan
      Hint: Wrestler
2. Devon Ehtei
      Hint: Authority from the skies
3. Copian Pest
      Hint: Computer Action
4. Sir Tiffy Cayshun
      Hint: Getting Approved
5. Saltad McAryll
      Hint: Delicious treat from the sea.
6. Whirelda Oarkrift
      Hint: Steals people's souls
7. Darqell Ohrd
      Hint: RPG Final Bossman
8. Beitoogi Tuanphrey
      Hint: Sales Event